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Sean Loughran

Global backpack and accessories brand Herschel Supply Company officially opened the doors to their 'Summer of Lemonade' pop-up shop in North Vancouver's picturesque Deep Cove neighbourhood.

Located next to popular tourist hangout Honey's Donuts, Herschel collaborated with Vancouver based cold-pressed juice company The Juice Truck to create four unique lemonades to refresh, rehydrate, and regenerate. 

Fun, fruity, and fresh, the first of four flavours is a plain lemonade consisting of a base of cold pressed lemon juice, cane sugar, and filtered water. This is a refreshing classic, perfect for kids and adults to rehydrate after a hike up Quarry Rock on a beautiful summer day. The next flavour is another classic with a twist, a strawberry lemonade with a hint of beetroot. 

The Juice Truck have also created two trendy health beneficial premium lemonades for Herschel Supply's Summer of Lemonade; 'Charcoal' and 'Blue Majic'. 

Charcoal lemonade has been a growing trend at juice bars globally. The main benefit of activated charcoal is cleansing. It's a natural treatment used to trap toxins and chemicals in the body, allowing them to be flushed out so the body doesn't absorb them. The charcoal lemonade is made up of the same base as the plain & strawberry with the addition of activated charcoal. Best to drink for detoxing, to treat food poisoning, or even a hangover. Activated charcoal was my go to for curing any stomach related issues when I was living in India so I'm totally in love with this lemonade.

The thought of drinking charcoal, and the fact the drink is black might seem frightening to some, however the lemonade has the same sweet taste as the other flavours and you can't even taste the charcoal plus you'll reap all the cleansing benefits of this juice. 

The last, and also another of my favourites at Herschel's pop up is 'Blue Majic', which again is formulated with the same base as the other juices, with the addition of E3 live blue majic.

E3 live blue majic is known to be one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, it's rich in anti-oxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties much like ginger, so it can be used to cure a cold, flu, or even bloating. Blue Majic is a type of blue green algae derived from superfood spirulina, that has more than 22 times more iron than spinach and 6 times more anti-oxidants than blueberries. I'll be drinking this by the gallon all summer long. Guaranteed. 

The four flavours of lemonade are complemented by Herschel's classic packable daypacks and totes which have been redesigned by the brand to align with the colors of the lemonade.

The packable bags collapse into their own internal pocket for easy storage making them the perfect travel accessory. The lightweight ripstop and versatile totes & daypacks are available in Pink, Yellow, Ivy, and Dark Shadow. 

At just 298 square feet, the pop-up space has been completely transformed into a modern rendition of summer days and childhood lemonade stands. The lively pink walls and roof are complimented by hand-painted yellow wallpaper and an incredibly eye-catching custom yellow Bocci light which really bring this space to life.

Showing their love for architecture and design, Herschel's creative Co-Founder's Jamie & Lyndon Cormack, both residents of Deep Cove, are "excited to bring a best-in-class retail experience" to their community. 

Herschel announced the news of their pop-up with stunning drone footage of Deep Cove via their Instagram on Canada's 150th Birthday on July 1st. The footage shows a bright pink lemonade cart with a yellow umbrella situated on Quarry Rock. Herschel gave out the first 150 bottles of lemonade on the rock to celebrate Canada Day, and you can expect to see the super cute little Herschel branded cart again as it's expected to pop up at various locations throughout the summer.

Lemonade ranges from $4-7 per bottle, totes are priced at $20 and backpacks are $30. All styles are exclusive to the Deep Cove pop-up. Proceeds from the store will be donated to ArtStarts, a charitable organization that seeks to expand the role of arts in education for the benefit of British Columbia's young people. Each year, ArtStarts provides more than 640,000 unique arts experiences for young people in urban, rural, and remote communities across B.C. Even more of a reason for you to check out the Herschel pop-up, treat yourself to a packable and refresh with a unique cold-pressed lemonade. 

So who would have thought, Herschel lemonade? An example that this brand can do just about anything they put their minds to. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, the global backpack and accessories company have also dropped their much anticipated apparel collection at today.

Monday-Sunday: 10AM-6PM


Photos courtesy of Herschel Supply Company #SummerofLemonade