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Sean Loughran

On Wednesday afternoon, my second day in Paris, I decide to take a trip over to the 2nd Arrondissement to check out the offerings at La Marée Jeanne. The restaurant is the brainchild of Fréderic Hubig, who is also the founder of other renowned bistros including Astier, Jeanne A and Jeanne B.
La Marée Jeanne is the latest venture for Hubig, who opened the doors in March this year, and it has already been rated as one of the top seafood establishments in Paris.

I’m a lover of the sea and fresh seafood so I can’t wait to dive in and test out the menu. I bring my friend William along with me for the tasting experience and after some confusion with the layout of the menu, we begin by sharing an appetiser of ‘Bar aux argues, huître et émulsion’ which is a bass tartare style, served with a seaweed and oyster emulsion. The dish is accompanied by freshly baked rustic French baguette and a salted butter. 

For my main course, I decide almost immediately on the ‘Croq’Homard de Jeanne’. The waiter assures me this is a good choice, the most popular dish on the menu at La Marée Jeanne. He explains it as a traditional croque monsieur, which for those who don’t know, is a dreamy gooey grilled cheese sandwich. The version here substitutes the ham with lobster and comes served on fresh focaccia bread. 

William has a main course of ‘Turbot de Plougarneau, nage aux algues, févettes, tétragone’ which is turbot fish served with seaweed, broad beens, creamy mashed potatoes and onions. He describes it as light and extremely fresh. 

Next up is dessert and I indulge in the ‘Créme aux oeufs á la vanilla, rhubarbe confite’, a classic custard pudding served with rhubarb and fruit compote. This dish brings me back to my childhood, I remember being addicted to those little rhubarb and custard candies and it seems I’m still a fan of the taste as my dessert is finished in moments. 

I reach across to try some of William’s ‘Chocolat Biscuit Marigny, feuillantine, Chantilly chocolat praliné’ a delicious chocolate brownie, topped with Chantilly cream and crystallised sugar biscuit then finished with a drizzle of a caramel sauce. 

When we arrived to the restaurant at 12.30pm, it was empty however soon after many people arrive and before we know it, the restaurant is crowded, there even appear to be a few guests hovering around waiting for a table. I look around at the interior of the restaurant and I’m reminded of an upscale English fish and chip shop but La Marée Jeanne has been decorated in such a way that it appeals to a various range of clientele. I have the feeling I’m on board a ship or submarine in the south of France. The atmosphere at the restaurant is casual and down to earth, waiters are complimentary and helpful and the food is on point. This is a speciality seafood restaurant, you will only find fish here so don’t expect anything else if you are not a fish lover. I recommend passing by for a coffee and a decadent dessert if seafood doesn’t float your boat.

Reservations can be made by calling the restaurant on the number below or by email to

La Marée Jeanne

3, Rue Mandar
75005, Paris

+33 (0) 1 42 61 58 34