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Sean Loughran

A career as a Personal & Executive Assistant is one I chose about 8 years ago, and although I've dabbled in various roles in Public Relations, Styling, Event Management and Talent Management, I found a passion for the PA life and felt it was where I was most comfortable. I love the versatility of my job and how I never know what the day will bring, where I'll end up, and what I'll be doing.

Anne Hathaway playing Andrea, assistant to Editor In Chief at a fashion magazine ( The Devil Wears Prada)

Anne Hathaway playing Andrea, assistant to Editor In Chief at a fashion magazine ( The Devil Wears Prada)

Of course I have a schedule to adhere to and of course there are times that I have 10 meetings, 20 errands, and 30 calls to make in a day, but I love it. However, I'm always looking for ways to make life easier at work and ensure things are done in a timely and efficient manner. The PA life isn't the easiest at times, we often find ourselves on our knees requesting the impossible, and most of the time succeeding and making those requests a reality. Our duties can be so varied, anything from travel arrangements, reservations, dealing with insurance, managing household staff, organizing transportation for rare art or vehicles, and a million other things in between. 

However, in the age of technology, we can manage everything from our cell phones and laptops, usually at the click of a button. I often wonder what it was like for those PA's 30 years ago who relied on nothing but a notebook and a fax machine? I don't even know how to use a fax machine... Do they even make those anymore?

We personal assistants have a lot of electronic companions that we use to make our lives easier. First it was the Blackberry, then it was the iPhone and iPad synced to your laptop, and now it seems to be all about the smart watch. 

Me when I wake up in the morning and can't find my iPhone - at least with the  Fossil Q  it's on my wrist and impossible to misplace under the covers!

Me when I wake up in the morning and can't find my iPhone - at least with the Fossil Q it's on my wrist and impossible to misplace under the covers!

After much debilitation between a Fossil, Apple or Samsung, I decided on the Fossil Q Marshal Touchscreen smart watch. I compared all the devices in terms of battery life (most important for me), calendar syncing, changeable watch straps, design, functionality, and many other things and believed this would be the best fit for my lifestyle. Let's be honest, Fossil is a pretty great, up to date, fashion forward brand, recognized globally for their watches.

I received my Fossil Q at the beginning of March and began the set up process immediately. Pretty straightforward with the Fossil Q iPhone App, which with a colorful and user friendly interface, makes the set up fun and simple. I next had to pair and charge the watch, which didn't take too much time, a few hours at most. There were a few necessary updates to perform on the watch after set up, which took little to no time at all if you're close to a location with WiFi.

Before I knew it, my emails and calendar reminders started pouring in. The slight little vibration on my arm and a short but to the point notification pops up on the screen to notify or remind you. Even my Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook notifications were linked in - so awesome that I can catch up with the newsfeed during a boring meeting (totally kidding).

However there's nothing worse than being in a meeting and constantly checking your emails and texts on your phone. I found with the Fossil Q that if an important email or text message came through, I was notified and able to take a quick peak at my watch to see if it was something pressing or something that could wait.

Another great feature of this watch is the alarm setting and calendar reminders. I'm one of those people who sets 12 alarms a day, reminding me of important tasks or upcoming meetings. I'm pretty sure I drive everyone in the office crazy when that iPhone alarm buzzes almost every hour (sorry guys!). With the Fossil Q, I've been using the alarm and calendar reminder feature and found it a much more discreet way to keep myself on track and on schedule throughout the day. No more annoying chirping from my iPhone.

Last but not least, I enjoy the simple interface of the Fit Tracker in the Fossil Q, with a few swipes right (Tinder reference, obviously), I can track my steps to see if I've reached my goals for the day, which I have set at 10,000 steps per day. I can also keep an eye on weather updates set on my location and even control my music from the watch. I went on a very rainy hike in North Vancouver yesterday and took a few snaps - Ellie Goulding's Devotion was getting me through the hike, and who doesn't love an uphill walk in the pouring rain? #Freedom

To summarize this... Fossil states that the watch has an estimated battery life of 24 hours. I find I get around 22 hours use out of the watch before having to recharge. I'm a big fan of the charging device, which I'm sure I'll be plugging into my next Air Canada flight. The simple, lightweight, magnetized USB charger is perfect for traveling and using this watch on the go, wherever you are. Especially with the auto time & date updates, the Fossil Q automatically updates to the correct local time and date based on your location.

Hope this helps you make a decision when considering introducing a smart watch into your life - whoever you are, whether you're a PA, a CEO, or anyone on a schedule, introducing a smart watch into your life will definitely elevate your day-to-day.