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Sean Loughran

Walking into an Aesop store is like walking into a museum of impeccably curated beauty and personal care products. A store unlike any other, simply unique and timeless. I've visited Aesop stores all over the world and each one, although staying true to their brand DNA, is entirely different. Each store encapsulates the surrounding beauty of the location in which its placed. Store design and the story behind each Aesop brick & mortar is something we'll explore together more in my next post.

Aesop Madison Avenue, New York City (Photo by Aesop)

Aesop Madison Avenue, New York City (Photo by Aesop)

Aesop (pronounced e-sop, not a-sop) is an Australian cosmetics brand that was founded in Melbourne in 1987 by hairdresser Dennis Paphitis. Aesop, unlike any other beauty brand on the market, invests an enormous amount of time and effort into their product offering. We don't see a new 'miracle product' hit the store floor every month. Everything, although it appears effortless, takes an incredible amount of research and energy. Referring to an SPF15 Moisturizer that launched back in 2012, it took ten years to perfect before it hit the market. 

For the first time, Aesop has introduced a trio of stunning Aromatique Room Sprays into their permanent collection. The range offers up three distinctive new scents to the brand. Dr Kate Forbes, Aesop's General Manager of Products said "The Room Sprays were created to revive the senses and redefine your living or working environment with uplifting, calming aromas. Each Room Spray features botanical extracts of the finest quality to provide an enduring scent to transform your space, and subtly dissipate over time."

Cythera, one of the three scents, celebrates its Hellenic namesake's history and herculean spirit of resilience with a robust blend of Neroli, Geranium and Patchouli. The formulation combined with Ambrette and Myrrh results in a warm, woody and stirring aroma. 

Istros is a uplifting blend of Pink Pepper, Lavender and Mimosa layered with warm undertones of Cedar and Sandalwood. A hint of Tobacco remains to ground its refined character. Istros was named after an ancient Greek port town on the Black Sea. 

The final room spray in the collection is Olous, a scent created to honor a city long lost to the Mediterranean seabed, this scent offers a melody of Bergamot and Jasmine, matched delicately with Galbanum (a gum resin with a pleasant odor obtained from certain Asian plants of the genus Ferula, typically used in incense) and Cardamom, Cedar and Incense. 

Aesop developed the Aromatique Room Sprays over two years, refining the individual aromas with care. Dr Forbes continues "Aesop is synonymous with scent so it felt like a natural evolution for us to introduce Aromatique Room Sprays as a permanent addition to our range. Our desire was to create three considered scents to offer discrete choice and stimulate the senses, so we combined unorthodox and evocative ingredients to develop the new Room Spray collection. 

As an additional offering, Aesop has collaborated with celebrated American composer, musician, instrumentalist, and activist Jesse Paris Smith to create three original tracks inspired by the aromas. Jesse's tracks are available for complimentary download at Each track is designed to enhance the olfactory experience of the Room Sprays.

"I enjoyed the process of creating music for the fragrances: spraying them in the recording studio, in whatever room the music was being created in, making sure it was considered during each step of the process" said Smith. "You cannot necessarily translate a Room Spray directly into a musical composition, but you can wait for the scent to transform the room and those in it, then use music and sound intentionally to express that feeling."

As well as Aesop, Jesse's work has been commissioned by Director Steven Spielberg and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), and other companies and by other filmmakers. Jessie is also the Co-Founder of 'Pathway to Paris', a collection of artists, activists, musicians, politicians, and innovators, working together to fight for climate justice. 

Aesop's Aromatique Room Sprays released on July 3rd and are available at all Canadian signature Aesop stores and counters, as well as at The 100ml amber glass spray bottles retail at $75 each.