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Sean Loughran

Dish & DUER have just opened an incredibly fun and unique new store in Downtown Vancouver. The store, or should I say playground, is a space where Dish & DUER want their consumers to feel free to run, jump, swing, and play. The design concept for the store is inspired by bringing the outdoors inside, hence the indoor treehouse, rooftop hammock, monkey bars, and the authentic and rustic wooden fixtures, it's an indoor jungle gym packed full of performance denim. Pretty fun, right? The store design is complemented by a custom blue Bocci light, wood panels, and industrial style displays. 

An interesting concept for the Vancouver based start up, giving customers the chance to try on the pants then actually take them for a test run within the store before purchasing. As clients move through the store at Dish & DUER, they'll be able to feel what makes the fabric so different, plus the incredible stretch and comfort of the jeans. They can wear them while they chill out in the indoor treehouse, you can even take them for a spin on the bike, or if you're game you can swing on the monkey bars and ropes to really feel the flexibility of the fabric, all while having fun of course. 

Unlike other stores, Dish & DUER have shared the retail space with their HQ. They've torn down the walls and are inviting customers to look into their head office, allowing them the opportunity to watch the highly skilled team at work. All the head office staff including the design studio work directly behind the store, mostly so that they can meet the customers on the shop floor and get immediate feedback on the product.

For those who may not have heard of the company before, Dish & DUER is a Vancouver based brand that has been making a large splash lately in the fashion meets performance apparel industry. Product designed for the modern, active individual like myself, Dish & DUER wants to maximize performance without sacrificing style. The brand has combined two aspects, fashion and technical, and brought something new to the market, meaning I can run my daily errands around town without looking like I'm headed to the gym. 

Dish & DUER founder Gary Lenett was an avid cyclist and sought out to create a versatile product that would allow people to take advantage of the outdoors without losing the style points. By combining premium fabrics with technical fibers, Dish & DUER products offer comfort, breathability, and maneuverability, meaning fashionable clothing that performs when you need it most. So you can do all you do in a day without having to change your clothes. 

The brand is built on fabric innovation. Their first major innovation was L2X Performance Stretch Denim. Custom made with their exclusive blend of fibres that enhance the wearing experience while embracing the timeless essence of natural denim. Dish & DUER pride themselves on quality over quantity, paying extra attention to the longevity of the product. 

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself over to Dish & DUER and join in on the fun!
The store is located at
118 W Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 1G8