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Sean Loughran

Let's face it, pardon the pun, but up until now I was a Kiehl's only boy. It wasn't until a few month ago, on pay day, that I found myself browsing the skincare aisle at Sephora. Y'all know that aisle, it's kind of what I imagine heaven to look like. Beautifully packaged products, merchandised to perfection. It's one of those places where you go in for one thing and leave with a receipt the length of a book. 

My name is Sean Loughran, I'm 24 years old, and I'm a skincare and sneaker addict. I blame it all on my mother, I definitely got her genes. She has a closet the size of my apartment, and I know she's reading this right now denying everything and hiding her stash of new purchases from my dad in the trunk of her car... Sorry mum.

On that very day in Sephora, I came across a brand I hadn't seen before, called Dr Jart+, a stunning range of products formulated by some of the world's leading dermatologists. Of course I impulsively added every item from the collection to my cart and darted home for a total skin overhaul. 

Having grown up with bad acne, being one unlucky teenager throughout the puberty phase, I tend to pay extra special attention to my skin now that I've passed that stage. With so many products on the market, I often find it hard to switch things up and implement new products, but I placed my trust in the professionals behind the Dr Jart+ brand. 

Dr Lee & Dr Jung

Dr Lee & Dr Jung

Dr Jart+ started back in 2004 when Dr Lee and Dr Jung joined forces in Seoul, Korea. Experienced Dermatologist Dr Lee brought his passion and skincare knowledge while Dr Jung, a close friend and young entrepreneur brought his business skills. These two powerful men created a skincare empire, formulating and testing effective products to fight the most severe skincare issues.

I was drawn to the Dermaclear range, which includes a trio of triple functioning wash-off clay masks that transform into a foaming cleanser upon the application of water. Each mask provides different skincare benefits, while also removing excess oil (huge problem for me - but at least I won't be a wrinkly prune when I turn 60), cleaning pores, and exfoliating the skin - something I've relied on recently now that the sun has come out and I've turned into a roasted tomato. 

Also included in the range is the Micro Milk Peel, formulated with active hydrogen water, providing a deep cleansing to remove impurities. The product also contains coconut milk to sooth and a mix of AHA + BHA + PHA to gently exfoliate and support cell renewal. It's important to lightly shake the bottle before use then you can moisten one of the double sided pads included with the product - I used the gauze side for my combination skin while those with sensitive skin can use the smooth side. 

I also tried out the Micro Gel Cleanser, an all in one cleanser for all skin types. This gel-to-foam cleanser with moisturizing capsules aid in removing impurities in pores without striping the skin of its moisture. Ladies out there, I've heard this is a great cleanser for removing make-up, it's been thoroughly tested by dermatologists and is safe for use around the eyes and lips to help rid you of your panda eyes after a night on the town. 

I also shopped the Cicapair collection, a recovery system infused with Centella Asiatica - you might wonder, what the heck is that? Centella Asiatica, commonly known as centella, is a herbaceous frost-tender perennial plant that has been used a lot in traditional medicine. It's used as a medicinal herb in Ayurvedic medicine, and used in Western medicine and skincare to stimulate the regeneration of skin in burns while preventing the formulation of scar tissue. 

The Dr Jart+ Tiger Grass Cream is an incredible product for use on calm, sensitive irritated, or inflamed skin. I find this a great product to dab onto any flare ups or redness I may have. It's a night-time miracle worker. 

Another product, which is not only super fun and well designed is 'The Book of Masks' by Dr Jart+. I'm sure you'll agree with me on this, there isn't anything quite as great as a Korean face mask. The Book of Masks contains 8 single use masks, each with a different purpose. This is not only a great gift to give, but also an awesome item to travel with. Face mask on a long-haul flight, absolutely!

Dr Jart+ is sold at select Sephora stores and online at It's also available in 15 countries globally, including Asia, the Middle East, Europe & North America. Thanks for the support Dr Jart+, now I'm off to put on a mask and start the day off feeling fresh! Happy Monday readers, peace out. See y'all next week.