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Sean Loughran

The supplements that do exactly what they promise to do, how they work, and the woman behind The Nue Co, Jules Miller.


Let's face it, we unfortunately live in a world where the culture for curing any kind of pain, ailment, or condition is by calling the doctor, talking about your problem for less than five minutes and leaving with a prescription. The North American prescribing culture is out of control, and we're all familiar with reaching for a bottle of pills to cure, or should I say temporarily block out any kind of problem?

Either that or we put ourselves through hell by dieting, cutting out certain food categories, deciding on a new lifestyle, i.e. you may decide to be a vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or whatever the latest trend is. I know because I've tried them all.

I've experienced digestion issues for as long as I can remember, mostly stress related from what I've discovered. After a few years of going through different naturopaths, dietitians, gastroenterologists, and doctors, I found all I had to show for it was a cabinet filled with various supplements and vitamins that I was taking twice a day. That's about twenty pills, can you imagine? They were all natural, but completely unnecessary.

I relocated to Vancouver six months ago and it wasn't until I was packing up my bathroom cabinet that I realized how ridiculous it was. I bagged every vitamin and supplement and waved goodbye to them all. I'm sure you've visited a supplement or vitamin store at least once in your life, Body Energy Club, Holland & Barrett, Vitamin Club - I'm sorry, but they're a joke. Shelves upon shelves stacked high with twenty different varieties of vitamin c, about fifty different blends and brands of proteins, and so on. It's a lot more complicated than it needs to be and we end up leaving the store with $300 of unnecessary products.

These days as I educate myself more on naturopathic medicines, I try to be cautious about what I'm putting into my body everyday, and these days if I don't understand the ingredients, I'm not taking it or eating it. Our bodies are machines, if we treat them well, they in turn will heal themselves. Take the Gerson Therapy as an example. 

I was shopping on Mr Porter one afternoon when I came across The Nue Co. The simplicity and beauty of the products caught my eyes instantly, reading the ingredients peaked my curiosity even more and so I decided to try out the range of skin food products under the guidance of Dr Maya Kuczma at Integrative in Vancouver. 

The Nue Co. range consists of 5 powerful products; milk protein, plant protein, debloat food, energy food, and skin food. The fact that their was a product called 'DEBLOAT', I was kind of already hooked, hoping this would live up to my expectations as bloating is unfortunately my main issue.

I had my naturopath study the ingredients before taking any of the products. Dr Kuczma explained each ingredient and the benefits. In the SKIN Food product, the ingredients are Inulin, brown rice protein, Camu Camu and lucuma. Inulin is a pre-biotic to feed good bacteria, camucamu is one of the best sources of vitamin C, and lacuma, a new ingredient to me, is a potent anti oxidant - a superfruit bursting with beta carotene, iron, zinc, vitamin B3, and calcium. Lucuma has proven skin regeneration properties. 

Another key ingredient in the range is Inulin, one I hadn't heard of prior to this review. Inulin provides the body with numerous benefits, and its use in the DEBLOAT product makes sense as in your gut, inulin is converted into short chain fatty acids that are then converted into healthy ketones that feed your tissues. Short chain fatty acids also nourish your colon cells and produce more appetite controlling hormones in your body. Aside from this, inulin is used in other products to lower your risk of diabetes, promote weight loss, heart and bone health, and to stimulate and support your immune system. Other ingredients in DEBLOAT are maqui fruit powder (anti-inflammatory), ginger root powder (effective carminative, used to alleviate gas, bloating and cramps), and turmeric root powder (another carminative and anti-flatulent). 

Another product tested was the PLANT Protein, made up with yellow pea protein powder, hemp powder, inulin, Probiotic Lactospore powder 15 billion (Maltodextrin (carrier), Bacillus coagulas). The protein and hemp powders are pretty self explanatory, I was curious to know more about the Lactospore, my naturopath told me it was a hefty dose of 15 billion, which was good to see. Lactospore contains Bacillus coagulas, which is a type of beneficial bacteria. It has been used to prevent respiratory infections, IBS, colitis, cancer, and is also used to strengthen the immune system.

It's obvious that these products have been incredibly well thought out and contain many powerful ingredients and superfoods. I was curious to learn more about the brand and who better than to catch up with than the lovely founder, Jules Miller. 


Catching up with THE FOUNDER Jules Miller


Q1. Tell me about your inspiration for starting The Nue Co. 

I have always been fascinated by the lack of relationship people had with their supplements.  The wellness industry is booming, all of a sudden we were demanding to understand the origins of everything from our skincare cream to the almonds in our dairy-free milk. Yet, we still have no idea what is in these pills we are happily consuming day-in day-out.  I studied the market and noticed that more and more consumers were turning towards nutrition and ingestibles as part of their beauty routine. These two insights came together to give birth to The Nue Co. We provide science-backed, natural, effective supplements which deliver the same awe and wonder as a luxury beauty brand. Our aim is to prove that natural can be effective, beautiful can be ethical and luxury can be sustainable. 

Q2. Aside from the stunning packaging & the benefits I've seen by incorporating these products, how does The Nue Co compare to the millions of skin food products on the market? 

We follow tried and tested vitamin formulations, but instead of using isolated, processed ingredients we use foods very high in that vitamin. 

Looking at SKIN FOOD as an example. Vitamin E, C and Beta-carotene has been proven to naturally boost collagen production. To deliver these nutrients we work with Baobab, Lucuma, Camu Camu, Brown Rice Protein and the prebiotic Inulin. 

Q3. What do you see in the future for The Nue Co? 

My intention was always to redefine the way people felt about supplements. My goal is to ensure that our products are natural, but work. That our customers understand exactly how they work and see a noticeable difference in taking them. I want people to love the shopper experience and be inspired by our brand and message. 

We are launching our second collection, REBOOT, this September and looking for a physical store space in NYC. 

Q4. Who is your biggest inspiration? 

Gosh I have so many, Sarah Kauss, Sheryl Sandberg, my mother... 

Perhaps the biggest however is my grandfather. He was a pharmacist before becoming a lecturer at Cambridge University. He's in his 90s but sharp as a knife and my biggest critic."

These products are few of many on the market that do what they say they're going to do. If you don't believe me, check out some other reviews of The Nue Co. below.