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Sean Loughran

The TASCHEN Gallery on Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood is one of my favourite places to stop off on trips to Los Angeles; the constantly changing exterior & carefully curated exhibitions at the centrally located gallery space have always peaked my interest. The place I love to call home in the city is located about a two minute walk from the gallery and I've been to many of the exhibitions since the initial launch a few years back. You can check out links to a couple of my favorites below. 

Lucky for me, I've just touched down in Lala land for the long weekend and I'm super excited to check out legendary photographer (and a woman I consider an idol) Ellen Von Unwerth's Heimat exhibition at TASCHEN. Having worked at Vogue and in the fashion industry for so long, constantly referencing Ellen's photographic work as a source of inspiration, I knew this exhibition would live up to all of my expectations. This is one of those 'right place right time' moments, although I always feel like that in LA, there's just so much happening that my adrenaline starts pumping the second I land at LAX. 

Ellen Von Unwerth was born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1954. She started her career in the industry as a top fashion model before becoming one of the world's most in demand fashion photographers and directors. Her editorial work has been featured in globally in the highest ranked publications such as VOGUE, Interview, Vanity Fair, and has been seen in some of our favorite advertising campaigns globally for Chanel, Dior, John Galliano, and Ralph Lauren. Regardless of your interest in photography or fashion, I guarantee you've dropped your jaw at least once while coming across Ellen's breathtakingly beautiful photos in the past. 

The Ellen Von Unwerth Heimat exhibition officially opened at TASCHEN on February 25th and will be ongoing until May 1st. Heimat is Von Unwerth's third TASCHEN publication (others are FrΓ€ulein & The Story of Olga). 

Ellen's latest exhibition, Heimat, expresses a deep feeling of belonging and connection to one's homeland. Von Unwerth revisited her home state of Bavaria, spending one year photographing a squad of local ladies getting back to nature in every sense. By blending the old-world charm with a rebellious edge and sly subversion of traditional gender roles, the photographs burst with fresh, provocative eroticism, tied up with wit, and laced with an abiding love for a proud and beautiful land. 

Ellen Von Unwerth's Heimat takes us on an enchanting tour around Bavaria and the book itself is filled with these gorgeous local girls amid the region's undulating fields; age-old traditions; and deep, mystical forests. What I love about Ellen's work is that each image takes us on an inspiring dreamy journey, the blend of surrealism and reality mixed with the styling and style of lighting puts Ellen into her own hierarchy in the inner fashion circle, I know an Ellen Von Unwerth image from a mile away - her work is unique, creative, and incredibly focused. Heimat will be one of those TASCHEN collector's items that will likely be globally sourced by fans and followers worldwide.

The limited edition signed copies will be available from TASCHEN here soon. I'm hoping that I can add this simply stunning book to my extensive coffee table collection of TASCHEN publications. 

The exhibition will also showcase a selection of Ellen Von Unwerth photographic prints from throughout her very successful career in collaboration with the Fahey/Klein Gallery. You've got two weeks - get over to TASCHEN and check out Ellen Von Unwerth's Heimet, this is one not to be missed.