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Sean Loughran

I have to admit that arriving back to the rain in Ireland after three months in sunny Los Angeles was a little difficult but my spirits were lifted when I spotted my office table topped with the Tom Ford Male Grooming collection, a luxurious skincare range I've been excited to try. This is exactly the fix my tired, dehydrated, and slightly sunburnt skin needs right now.

With only a week between my Los Angeles trip and my next adventure to Toronto, I get right down to business and give my skin the pampering session it deserves, Tom Ford style. I'm very particular with my current skincare regime, only using a few select products to keep me looking fresh and acne free. With my current travel schedule though it can sometimes be difficult to stay on track and maintain. 

The Tom Ford collection includes various beard grooming lotions and potions, an intensive purifying mud mask, a facial cleanser, oil-free moisturizer, and a skin revitalizing concentrate. There a few other products in the line, but I will be highlighting some of my favorites today.


I start off this regime like any other. It's been a few days since my last shave so I rinse my face with hot water before exfoliating with my Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream, which I have been using for a couple of years now. Post shave, I apply the kaolin and bentonite based mud mask to my face and neck. Within minutes, the mask has dried and feels somewhat like an additional layer of skin, it's comfortable and unlike other masks, it doesn't seem to crack. I leave it on my face for 20 minutes before moving onto the next step.. Time to cleanse!


I rinse the mask off with hot water and step into the shower with a bottle of the Tom Ford Purifying Face Cleanser. The cleanser includes two complexes, as seen throughout the entire collection. The purifying complex helps to free the skin of dulling and damaging toxins with the use of plant extracts which in turn promotes purification and reduces irritation. The calming complex assists in minimizing redness, and creates a barrier to defend skin against the visible effects of pollution and toxic stressors. 

My skin is feeling quite sensitive at the moment due to some sunburn but the cleanser seems to soften and calm, making me feel more at ease. Post-cleanse, the feel of my skin is similar to when I used to use the Eve Lom Cleanser, decongested and silky smooth.


For skin that's feeling extra dry and depleted, I recommend adding this product into the mix before moisturizing. The Revitalizing Concentrate, which is a multifunctional oil, will regenerate and energize the skin. Containing the highest concentration of the Tom Ford calming and infusing complexes, plus essential oils and other enriching natural ingredients, the formula deeply hydrates and nourishes. It conditions the skin before shaving and soothes it afterwards. 


I used to really hate having very oily skin, I was usually spotted a mile away with my shiny face. It wasn't until someone mentioned that having oily skin will make me look younger in the future - score! I also discovered and started using oil-free moisturizers and now I can't really complain. The Tom Ford Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer is lightweight, quick absorbing and skin mattifying, what more could you want. Again, it contains the calming and infusing complexes with a mix of luxurious butters to hydrate the skin. This product also seems to last throughout the day, leaving skin toned, polished and reenergized.


I finish up by applying the Tom Ford Hydrating Lip Balm, which I pop in my pocket for use throughout the day. I don't really use lip balm and the last one I used was the Créme de la Mer classic lip balm which I absolutely love, but I'm really clumsy and usually leave little tubes at my backside, never to be found again...

Anyway, this ultra-emollient lip balm seals in moisture and protects lips against any kind of weather, perfect for my lips as I have changed climates from extreme heats to extreme colds.

Overall, I have to say that I'm a fan of the Tom Ford Male Grooming collection. My skin feels like it's had a good pampering at the spa. I'm feeling fresh and reenergized, ready for my next long haul flight.