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Sean Loughran

This last minute voyage started with a grand scheme to surprise one of the most important people in my life. A trip with the goal of reconnecting with each other. That's what brought me here to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

It's my first time in Canada and it seems like the perfect time to come for a sneak preview of what my life will become in one month when I relocate to the vibrant city of Toronto. 

I catch the red eye at LAX which takes me to North Carolina for a quick layover and from there it's onto Philadelphia for a few hours before my final connection to Halifax airport. I'm exhausted, dazed and a little cranky but as soon as I slide open the window on the flight and see Nova Scotia for the first time, my mood changes to excitement. I'm reminded of Ireland, it's the first time I've seen so much greenery since departing Dublin on my assignment more than two months ago. 

I'm full of nerves as I make my way to Emma's house in Downtown Halifax. We haven't seen each other since our Yoga Teacher Training in India earlier this year. It's like a movie scene when our eyes meet, tears are shed and hugs are a plenty. Safe to say this surprise has been a great success!

Emma's lego style apartment building in Downtown Halifax

We decide to grab lunch at a local cafe called Darrell's. I think back to India where Emma and I chowed down on some questionable dishes together. We laugh on the outdoor terrace as we share a meal together in a normal Western world setting!

After lunch we pick up Emma's dog, Charlie, and go for a walk in the local park. The view of the harbor in the distance is breathtaking! I feel like I'm on a cloud as I breath in the fresh Canadian air and I take full advantage of the cool breeze blowing in our direction. 

Isn't Charlie just the cutest?

We head back to Emma's family home where her parents present us with a mouthwatering selection of California rolls and sashimi from Hamachi House. The spicy tuna rolls are my favourite! Next up is dessert from Sweet Hereafter. We indulge in oreo cheesecake and chocolate fudge cake.

The following morning is a treat as I wake up to some freshly baked goodies from The Old Apothecary. Emma's dad surely knows how to make me smile! After breakfast we take a pleasant walk down to the boardwalk to check out some of the more touristy areas of Downtown Halifax. Emma recommends popping into Stayner's Wharf for lunch where I order the Wednesday sandwich special with sweet potato fries - pub grub at its finest.

En route back to Emma's apartment we stop in at The Juice Press Inc to pick up some fresh juices. I opt for sweet potato pie (of course) and my favourite which is called 'After Dark' - it's a charcoal lemonade which is perfect for cleansing.

Later in the evening Emma's brother Nathan suggests a dinner at Elements On Hollis at the Westin Hotel. After hearing so much about the great seafood Nova Scotia has to offer, I decide on the lobster roll which is as delicious and decadent as I hoped it would be. 

I wake up for my last day in Halifax and hop out of bed and over to Uncommon Grounds for a highly recommended coffee. We then spend the day relaxing and listening to the heavy rain beating off the pavement outside. I step out into the rain for a brief moment and feel so close to home - I'm surprised that I actually miss the rain back home!

Once the rain stops we make our way down to the boardwalk again for one of the most delicious desserts that Canada has to offer. Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to live vicariously through me as I indulge in my first Beavertail. A beavertail is a deep fried flat dough topped with everything imaginable. 

The trip comes to an end much faster than I wish it would - the time has flown by so quickly and the past few days seem like a dream but I don't feel too terrible as I know this won't be the last time I'll see Halifax.

After a great flight with American Airlines, I walk out onto the pavement at LAX arrivals, into a sea of locals and tourists fighting the afternoon heat. Looks like LA is in the middle of another heatwave!