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Sean Loughran

Are you ready to jump in and indulge in my latest post? Be warned, this post may contain traces of calories. This is your guide to some of the best, gooey, scrumptious, sugary, melt in the mouth desserts around.

I've always had a sweet tooth and I have to admit, I'm quite the naughty influence when it comes to this kind of food. You'll usually find me in candy aisle at the grocery store and I'm the one that requests the dessert menu before the main course is finished. Funny fact, I used to trade my savory food in pre-school for my best friend's dessert.

Back on track, I've had a few of my friends on a 21 day juice cleanse and we haven't been able to indulge as of late as much as I would like to, but now that they have rebooted their systems and are continuing to juice one to two meals a day, we can finally enjoy some sweet treats.


Let's start with cake. Everybody loves cake. How about a slice of the best red velvet cake in Los Angeles? It may actually be the best in the world. This decadent treat is found at Doughboys Bakery, one of my favourite restaurants and bakeries in West Hollywood. You'll usually find me here on a Sunday afternoon with a delicious order of Eggs Benedict and a to-go bag filled with a red velvet cake. This isn't just any red velvet though, it comes highly recommended by Oprah Winfrey and Ellen De Generes among many others, including myself. I first visited Doughboys back in November and it's been my favourite place to hang out since. Brunch is buzzing and the bakery is heaven.


Anyone for a cupcake? Cupcakes have been a worldwide trend for years now and luckily I have one of the best on my doorstep at Swingers Diner. Cases of cupcakes are on display along the quirky bar area and although I usually go for red velvet or s'mores, it's necessary to do a walk through just to take a look at the range of flavours on offer which also include vanilla, oreo and hostess. These cupcakes are to die for and you'll be happy to know Swingers is open around the clock making it easy to satisfy any midnight sugar cravings.


I do-nut really like donuts but I decided to pop into Fonuts on West 3rd a few days ago after hearing about it from a friend. Fonuts pride themselves on serving up baked or steamed (never fried) donuts in a range of flavours. I opted for the classic American maple bacon flavour and it was so delicious that I'm sure I'll be back for another very soon. Those who are vegan or have a gluten intolerance - there's a wide variety available for you too!


It would be a crime to do a dessert post without including the famous and much loved banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery. I remember visiting Magnolia in New York a few years ago for a cupcake and I thought that's all they had to offer until recently when a friend purchased a little tub filled with layers of vanilla wafers, fresh bananas and a creamy vanilla pudding. If you're a fan of banoffee pie or any other banana based dessert then you're going to LOVE this.


Wow, all that cake and pudding is making me crave something a little more refreshing. How about some ice cream? Or even better, a macaroon ice cream sandwich from Milk? This little corner ice cream store is always packed and there's usually a line outside but it's oh so totally worth the wait. My friends and I indulged in the red velvet, vanilla and nutella ice cream sandwiches. We did walk home after though which kind of cancels out the badness. It was so good I want another as I write this.


Let's finish up with a gelato. Not just any gelato however, gelato on a stick from Stickhouse in Santa Monica. This new store has me more excited than a monte cristo sandwich from Disneyland. The thought of a chocolate and pistachio coated gelato served lollypop style sends me into a frenzy which is why I've added this place to my 'you gotta eat here list'.