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Sean Loughran


This week I'm focusing on forward thinking fashion brands that are using the power of clothing and accessories to impact the lives of thousands in third world countries.

One brand I have fallen in love with and wanted to feature prominently in today's post is Phoebe Dahl's Faircloth & Supply. The work Phoebe has been doing through the sales of her capsule fashion collections has impacted the lives of hundreds of girls in Nepal.

Phoebe Dahl grew up in Florida then moved to California where she began to pursue her love of fashion. While on a business trip to Japan, Phoebe found herself surrounded by inspiration. The simplicity of classic Japanese clothing was something she had never seen before and to this day it remains the main inspiration behind her effortless and chic designs.

She has always had a strong passion for giving back to the community and her main goal with Faircloth & Supply is to support mistreated and undervalued women in Nepal. She has developed a strong partnership with the General Welfare Pratisthan (GWP) and for each item sold at her fashion brand a uniform is provided for a young Nepali girl who will then be enabled to attend school and receive the education they so rightfully deserve. 

Although Faircloth & Supply is just over a year and a half old, Phoebe is already making a huge change in the lives of these girls and with 67 million girls currently not in school this is an enormous battle to take on and the determination of Phoebe and her team is remarkable.

The inspiration behind the collection is also found in fabric, heritage textiles and antique treasures such as French linens and vintage Japanese indigo.  Loose fitting, comfortable and cutting-edge dresses and playsuits form the collections. Each piece is 100% linen and is handcrafted in Los Angeles.

Playsuit Milky White $220, click to shop!

I was intrigued to learn more about the girl behind this brand and I'm so thankful Phoebe could take time out of her busy schedule to chat with me.

What's your biggest accomplishment to date?

I would have to say handing out uniforms to girls in Nepal in April after a whole year of fundraising. It's amazing to actually get to see the effects of all our hard work.

Who inspires you most?

My grandmother, Patricia Neal. She was such a strong and empowered woman who spoke in a deep raspy voice at a time when women were considered to have no voice.

Phoebe becoming inspired by the textiles around her - follow her journey

Faircloth & Supply is making the foundations for a change that will benefit so many young girls and we have Phoebe Dahl to thank for that.

You can show your support for Nepal by purchasing one of Phoebe's original designs. A dress you will be proud to wear, a dress that is making a difference and a dress that is essentially changing the life of another.

Shop the new Summer collection here


Another brand taking on poverty is FEED Projects. FEED was founded by Lauren Bush Lauren in 2007 and they have already provided more than 87 million meals globally through the sales of tote bags and accessories. Their mission is to FEED the world, one product at a time. Over the years, FEED projects has forged successful partnerships with companies such as Rachel Roy, DKNY and Karlie Kloss. 

Discovering and learning about these brands and their missions has given me some serious food for thought and inspired me to do my part and to become involved. The fashion industry has become somewhat self-obsessed and false which is why it's refreshing to see these incredible people come together to form something so real. 

I'll be following both brands as they continue to inspire and change the world. Let's come together to fight poverty and make our world a better place.