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Sean Loughran

It was just a few weeks ago that I passed by what I thought was a new Japanese tea room on Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood. The name of the boutique intrigued me and after some research it became clear to me that this is the new home to one of America's most in demand florists, Eric Buterbaugh.

I've been following Eric's journey on Instagram since and I've become somewhat obsessed with his designs, his flowers and perfumes and his creative vision. Paying attention to every little detail is Mr Butterbaugh's passion, nothing is missed, it is perfection and it is simply stunning.

Friday afternoon brings me positivity, joy and inspiration as I make my way to the Eric Buterbaugh boutique for a meeting with the floral king and his business partner, Fabrice Croisé. As soon as I arrive I'm instantly made to feel calm and at ease, surrounded by nature. The garden itself is a masterpiece, a zen Japanese inspired sanctuary.

Eric comes out from the office with that familiar smile on his face and introduces himself. He's a friendly and kind-hearted character with a love for life. Dressed to impress in his signature Christian Louboutin boots, Eric really is one of a kind in this industry. It's no surprise to me why he's so well connected and with close friends such as Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Richie, he inspires those around him.

Eric's love affair with florals sparked back when he worked for Versace in London. After 10 years as a success in the fashion industry he moved back to Los Angeles and as he describes it, he literally "fell into flowers" by creating compositions for friends' social dinners and he quickly became the talk of the town.

This year marks the beginning of a new project for Butterbaugh and his partner Fabrice as they launch their new boutique and a luxury range of floral inspired fragrances and candles. I sit down with the duo to discuss their plans for the future.


What’s your biggest accomplishment to date?

There are so many. The King of Thailand's coronation anniversary, Salma Hayek and François Pinault's wedding in Venice and being the only florist not on Buckingham's payroll to create flower arrangements for the Queen of England.

Tell me about your new boutique.

It is meant as a haven of peace, art and fragrance in the heart of West Hollywood. We fell in love with the building for its beautiful lines and its magnificent mid-century design. We were looking for a space that would allow for a perfumery and an art gallery, and would also have a garden, so when we saw this, we knew we had found it.

Where do you find your inspiration? What's your favourite country and why?

Everywhere, movies, art, travel and conversation with friends. The UK has played a huge role in my life and I have built life-long relationships there. I also love France and Italy.

Where can we expect to see EB Florals in five years?

Hopefully in high-end department stores and in specialty niche fragrance stores around the world, but with another set of floral fragrances. The ones we launched here in LA will only be available in our flagship store and our website, forever.

Eric Buterbaugh & business partner Fabrice Croisé

After our discussion I take a tour of the boutique and I'm beautifully inspired from all angles. This is such a unique place to spend my afternoon. The goal of making this a happy and relaxing haven has been reached. The decor, florals and scents surrounding me are magnificent. I fall in love with the taxidermy room-diffuser roosters that have been carefully placed throughout. 

The stunning Eric Butterbaugh perfume collection currently contains seven beautifully crafted fragrances. Each component is globally sourced and brought back to LA where the finished product is manufactured. Eric is working on many collaborations with luxury brands in all industries and will be releasing his new collection soon. I'm looking forward to watching the further growth of Eric Buterbaugh when he launches in the UK and Europe. 

Fragrances, candles & bouquet orders are available online at 

Eric Buterbaugh Florals
8271 Beverly Blvd
West Hollywood