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Sean Loughran

This is Los Angeles and it's typical that one day some place is happening and the next day it's a lost cause. Keeping up with the constant change and following the cool crowd can be exhausting but it's a must on the LA social scene. 

One tip I have for you - look out for the most understated building, an establishment swarming with security and paparazzi, a valet and a 6 ft tall hostess in Louboutins - that's where you want to be. Confidence is key, your outfit is your selling point and networking is necessary.

There's a grand opening event every night in LA but of course there are a few favourites that have been at the top of the scene for longer than usual. With the visit of a friend this week, I've been quite the social butterfly checking out the hottest hippest spots in West Hollywood, some old and some new but all very much happening right now. 


Estérel at Sofitel Los Angeles

On Thursday evening we make an appearance at the grand opening of the recently renovated Estérel Restaurant at the Sofitel Los Angeles. We see the unveiling of two unique new spaces, designed by Xperiment USA, 'Le Jardin' & 'The Aviary'. 

As part of the recent changes at Estérel Restaurant, the hotel has also brought on the talent of rising culinary star Executive Chef Victor Boroda to create new flavours for the restaurant's Mediterranean cuisine. 

Appetisers and cocktails a plenty at the grand opening, Estérel certainly know how to put on a good event and we're looking forward to a brunch here in the near future. Stay tuned for a full food review!

The Nice Guy

We finally get around to checking out the much talked about restaurant The Nice Guy this week. It's definitely more about the scene here than the cuisine. I snack on truffle fries and a chopped salad while my friend Katie indulges in the homemade pasta. I glance over my shoulder to see Kris Jenner dining with her boyfriend and think that if it's good enough for Kris then it's certainly good enough for me. We spend a good amount of time in the photo booth before battling our way through the crowds of paparazzi outside.

L.P. Rooftop Bar

We venture to this amazing rooftop hotspot on recommendation and are not disappointed. A new favourite for me, I spent three nights here this week. Located above the busy intersection of Melrose & La Cienega, L.P. offers one of the best views in West Hollywood. 

The brainchild of Australian restauranteurs David Combes and Grant Smilie, L.P. is one of LA's most visited establishments at the moment. If you're feeling peckish, I recommend tucking into a portion of delicious $10 chicken wings at the bar. 


A converted hardware store on Santa Monica Boulevard, Laurel Hardware launched a few years ago and the place is still crowded every night. From the front, Laurel Hardware doesn't look like much but a quick strut through the understated entrance on Wednesday evening and I feel like I'm in the meatpacking district of Manhattan.

The restaurant serves up a chic American farm-to-table menu, created by chef Mario Alberto who is under the guidance of Cole Apodaca. I've heard brunch at Laurel Hardware is to die for and I've already decided on the fig stuffed French toast when I visit again.

We get chatting to the hostess on the way out and she recommends that we visit Ysabel on Fairfax and Romaine. Ysabel is another project of LH founders Phil Howard & Dean McKillan. I found this spot to be the best for winding down with a glass of chardonnay after a long night on the town. The music is calming, the setting is intimate and the decor is minimal. We spend most of our time out on the beautiful candle lit terrace. 

It's now Sunday evening here and the rain is pouring out of the sky. I'm wrapped up with a cup of tea reflecting on the past week and getting ready for the next. Looking forward to seeing what it brings and wishing you all a great week.


Laurel Hardware
7984 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood 90046
323. 656. 6070

945 N Fairfax Avenue
West Hollywood 90046
323. 366. 2940

Estérel Sofitel Los Angeles
8555 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles 90048
310. 358. 3979

The Nice Guy
401 N La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles 90048
310. 360. 9500

603 N La Cienege Blvd
Los Angeles 90069
310. 855. 9955