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Sean Loughran

It's been a crazy week here between checking out new restaurants, setting up meetings and taking myself off to explore. I've had a great time so far discovering some new spots and re-visiting my favourites...

Most mornings start at Mojo Cafe, a hipster cafe on the corner of Beverly Boulevard and N Laurel Avenue. The coffee is strong and smooth, the ambience is chilled and the staff are attentive. This little spot is buzzing with members of the adjoining Easton Gym Co. who place orders for popular post-workout juices and tasty peanut butter shakes.

As soon as I catch up on emails I start to think about lunch and this week it's all about new restaurants in West Hollywood. A favourite this week is Plan Check Kitchen & Bar which is centrally located on Fairfax Avenue. On my first visit I did the 'dine and dash' meal which includes a mouthwatering burger, sweet potato waffle fries or regular french fries and salty wasabi cashew nuts. I'm not a burger fan and it's usually the last thing I'll order at a restaurant but a friend placed my order and I was not disappointed.

Plan Check is keeping up with the hipster trend that's taking over Los Angeles. The restaurant gives off an industrial and airy vibe, top knotted hair appears to be part of the uniform and food comes served on ceramic slates.

On my next visit, just a few days later, I order the butter lettuce salad containing a mix of egg, smoked almonds and creamy mustard dressing. It's a good choice and another extremely satisfying lunch time nibble. I'm happy to now call Plan Check one of my new favourites in West Hollywood and I'm sure I'll be back this week to try out the tempting cooked to order cruller donuts. 

We also enjoy a healthy experience at Sweet Green, a modern and nutritious dining destination. Sweet Green is a chain custom salad restaurant which was founded back in 2007 and they have now grown to own more than 30 locations in the U.S. 

Options, toppings and dressings are endless at Sweet Green. I settle on prawns, avocado, corn and peppers with a spicy cashew dressing all washed down with a delicious chai spiced iced tea.

Enough about food, let's move onto something else... I've been spending a lot of time shopping at The Grove lately which is the most amazing outdoor mall I've ever been to in my life. With highstreet stores like Zara & Topman and more upscale boutiques like Barneys & Diane Von Furstenburg, this location makes for a great shopping destination. Celebrities are often spotted hopping from store to store at The Grove. 

Holly Madison - Down the Rabbit Hole. Available at  Amazon , £11.89

Holly Madison - Down the Rabbit Hole. Available at Amazon, £11.89

If there's a public or community event happening in West Hollywood, it's most likely at The Grove. This week at the Barnes & Noble store I had the pleasure of attending the promotion of well-known playmate Holly Madison's tell all memoir, Down The Rabbit Hole. The radiant Holly was there to sign copies of the shocking never before told story. 

With Holly at Barnes & Noble

With Holly at Barnes & Noble

After an exciting and adventurous week, I finish on a high at Agni Yoga on Santa Monica Boulevard. I purchased a block of classes on my last visit to LA and still had a few left. I take Nathalie Fino's kundalini class and it's just as amazing as I remember.

I took my first class with yogi Nathalie Fino back in December and it's what inspired me to continue on a positive and forward thinking path. Most yoga classes in LA are purely workout based but Agni Yoga is a different experience with the talented teachers focusing more on spiritual experiences and opening blocked chakras and emotions. I can't thank Agni Yoga & Nathalie enough for sparking my love for yoga.

Nathalie Fino

I'll love you and leave you here with a quote Nathalie mentioned in our class together.
'We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience'

Namaste x