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One boy, one passport, one million dreams. Gas & Gander is a blog capturing the essence of the brands and companies I love, the cities and cultures I embrace, the food and drinks I enjoy and most of all, the travel I experience. Most of all Gas & Gander is a super fun & informative guide with an abundance of information. Come and join me on my adventures at Gas & Gander. Currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia. 




Sean Loughran

It all started with a craving for a bowl of steel cut oatmeal with a topping of brown sugar, almonds and cranberries..

Breakfast options are endless in Los Angeles and I often have a hard time choosing a spot but a friend suggests Corner Bakery Cafe and we decide to head there. Corner Bakery Cafe is a traditional diner located on La Cienega opposite the Beverly Centre. A cute, quirky and popular breakfast spot for West Hollywood residents and tourists. I get my oatmeal fix while my friend decides to order his favourite, the avocado and spinach flatbread sandwich.

Next up is a trip to the buzzing Farmer's Market at Melrose Place. The scent of American comfort foods and freshly baked goodies fills the air. Vendors are kept busy by the waves of clientele at the market. This popular spot is open every Sunday from 10am-2pm. I couldn't resist a crate of the fresh berries.

My friend then suggests a trip to Rodeo Drive after the market and who says no to Rodeo? We arrive to the upscale shopping district just in time to check out the vintage car show. I'm left with dreams of a red Ferrari but at $2.6 million, it will stay a dream. We work up a sweat at Prada and Saint Laurent checking out the new collections.

As we reach the top of Rodeo, I spot a store called Sugarfina and and as a candy lover I couldn't resist walking by without checking it out. The store is super chic, modern and absolutely beyond delicious. Founded by a loved up couple who were inspired to start Sugarfina when they went on a date to see Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. I sampled some of the their candy roses which have been imported from Germany. The perfect consistency and taste, they melted in my mouth.

I'm looking forward to another trip to Sugarfina to try out the 'Champagne Bubbles' and '24K Gold Champagne Marshmellows' - boozy candy is too tempting. The packaging here is gorgeous and the upscale candy makes for a great gift. 

We decide to check out Mauro's Cafe at Fred Segal which comes highly recommended from another friend in LA. I'm staying on Melrose while I'm here and I've been told I can't possibly leave without a visit to Fred Segal and Mauro's Cafe. We head there for a light lunch of banana bread and coffee. It's Father's Day and the restaurant is packed full of families celebrating the occasion. Mauro's is a great place for celeb spotting if you're into that, you may be lucky enough to get a table next to Cameron Diaz. The food is delicious and the vibe is chilled.

Leaving Mauro's, I find myself full of energy which is no surprise after all the sugar I've consumed since arriving to LA. Between the multiple trips to Dylan's Candy Bar & now Sugarfina, I'm sure I've had enough sugar to fuel a rocket.

I use up all that energy to browse the boutiques at Fred Segal. Acne Studios, Comme des Garçons and Maison Kitsuné stand out among the concessions. I fall in love with a sweater at Kitsuné and I have a hard time walking away. The brand has been a favourite of mine since coming across them in Paris last year.

My new favourite Maison Kitsuné Sweater €180

My new favourite Maison Kitsuné Sweater €180

We head back to my friend's house in West Hollywood and rest up for the evening. I'm ready for another day of exploring tomorrow!