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Sean Loughran

There's no denying that there has been an incredible rise in the coconut market over the past few years. Coconut waters, coconut oils, coconut this and coconut that... I've always had a thing for coconut, ever since I purchased my first Coconut Body Butter from The Body Shop more than 8 years ago. I love the smell, the taste and the beautiful benefits provided by this furry fruit.

Before I get to the main story, how about a little background check on our beloved coconut? The coconut grows on a tree in the tropics and each tree is expected to produce at least 200 fruits in their 80 year lifespan. Coconuts are primarily cultivated for their oil which itself holds many benefits. We have seen a rise in coconut oils on the market as of late with many consumers using this for cooking, hair and skincare (I use it as a body moisturiser) and for those who are obsessed with gleaming white teeth, coconut oil can be used as a natural whitener in a process called oil pulling.

It wasn't until a few years ago that we saw a rise in coconut water, the billion dollar industry took over the front pages of glossy magazines and newspapers. Headlines and articles promising weight loss, brighter and clearer skin, more energy and an array of other benefits made this water one that we all wanted to try. After reading the benefits, I rushed out to the nearest grocery store to buy myself a bottle of Vita Coco and haven't looked back since.

Coconut water is naturally low in calories, high in potassium and is fat and cholesterol free. Anyone who likes more than one or two drinks on a Friday night will be glad to know that this handy nutrient packed water is a proven hangover cure and does so by replacing essential electrolytes. 

As someone who works out regularly and practices yoga daily, I always keep my fridge stocked with coconut water. I love the taste and how it refreshes and rehydrates me after a workout or yoga class. A brand I've remained loyal to is Vita Coco, mostly because it's been available in every country I've travelled to and thankfully isn't too pricey. Oh, it's really delicious too!

My favourite is just plain old simple unflavoured coconut water but Vita Coco also offers a delicious range of flavours available for those who like to be a little more adventurous when it comes to taste. The range includes pineapple, peach & mango and lemonade. We have also seen the release of Vita Coco Cafe, tailored toward espresso lovers and workaholics.

I was super excited recently to hear of the launch of Vita Coco Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The oil promises to be 100% raw and is directly extracted from the coconut. As I mentioned before, I use this as a body moisturiser and unlike other moisturisers, this oil aids in strengthening the tissue and increases the ability to retain more moisture in the skin. The benefits of coconut oil are endless and each day we're discovering new ways to use the coconut to our advantage!

Competition time!

Let us know what you use your coconuts for, send us your recipes, pictures and stories using #CoconutsforGG for the chance to win yourself a delicious crate of Vita Coco! We're running the competition on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram - you can find us by clicking those links. Head on over and  don't forget to tag us!


Photos courtesy of @vitacocouk instagram