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Sean Loughran

With Father's Day fast approaching we thought we would share a few of our favourite fragrances that will be sure to put a smile on any man's face this Sunday. With fragrance being such a personal expression, it can sometimes be hard to decide on a scent to suit. With men's colognes and fragrances it's all about keeping it masculine and not too fussy.

A smell that is distinctly rugged yet gives way to various undertones to suit a variety of tastes. Most masculine colognes are tailored to suit a certain lifestyle or character, for example modern citrusy fragrances may be fitting to an athletic man whilst classic leather and spiced fragrances are popular among stylish men.

Our top four fragrances for Father's Day include a range of classic colognes alongside a couple of exciting new releases. They are sure to spice up your father's scent collection - no pun intended!

Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot

Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot £105 per 100ml

Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot £105 per 100ml

This is a luxurious and alluring unisex scent from luxury fragrance brand Jo Malone. It is suited perfectly to a stylist and confident male not afraid to make a statement. Containing the dark resinous oud otherwise known agarwood, which is traditionally sourced and used in Arabic fragrances. This scent has a top note of playful bergamot and dies to a smooth woody base forming an overall unisex cologne. This is perfect for those men confident enough to explore something not so typically masculine. Jo Malone is a triumph in the perfume industry and with concoctions like this it's easy to see why they are so desirable on today's market. This will make an impressive gift this Father's Day - it's clean, mysterious and unique.

Sanctum Soho Fragrance

Sanctum Soho Black Oud Limited Edition £195

Sanctum Soho Black Oud Limited Edition £195

This one is definitely for those men who are wild at heart, an edgy and exciting new fragrance based on London's first rock 'n' roll hotel. Similar to the Jo Malone fragrance above but on a more exclusive level, this is a limited edition fragrance and packaging design. The Sanctum Soho Hotel has released two new fragrances which have been crafted by renowned French perfumer, Domitille Bertier. Bertier is the genius behind the popular Balenciaga and Roberto Cavalli fragrances.

Luxury cologne has the power to seduce both men and women alike and the Sanctum Soho Fragrance is a dark spicy scent that dares to challenge perceptions. The fragrance contains nutmeg, ginger and black pepper with uplifting notes of patchouli amber, a blend that reflects the hotel's rock history. The scent is anything but ordinary. Limited edition with beautifully designed packaging by Dan Gold makes this intriguing fragrance all the more special.

Calvin Klein Eternity Night for Men

Calvin Klein Eternity Night for Men £46

Calvin Klein is well known for simplicity and sharp design. Eternity was initially a female fragrance which was first released in 1988 and the masculine scent launched a year later and has been an incredible success since. Eternity Night is a new version of the classic scent which was released only last year.

This is truly a modern fragrance, most suited to those with a sportier aesthetic or simply those men who enjoy a more clean cut cologne. Eternity Night is a woody fougère that evokes the mysterious essence of the freshness of dusk. With a mix of fresh coriander and plum, dying to a charismatic violet and lavender, this warm scent is one that will become a favourite of those men who like to keep it casual with a hint of subtle seduction.

Aramis Classic

Aramis Classic £42

Aramis Classic £42

Aramis is a truly masculine and provocative fragrance that is warm and woody at heart with an authoritative overtone. This fragrance has been loved by men both young and old since 1966. The classic cologne smells distinctly like a father figure, a nostalgic mix of leather and tobacco, tones that are intriguing to the senses.

It is a contemporary cologne with a strong character, a classic with American gents who prefer fragrances with more bite. Aramis, a brand owned by Estée Lauder, has been popular among consumers for decades making it a classic 'go to' fragrance for Father's Day. This scent is perfect for the modern dad with a character of sophistication and masculinity.

We hope to pass on some gift inspiration from our top four fragrances for Father's Day. We're certain you can't go wrong with these tried and tested colognes and are sure they will capture what makes your father so special. Still struggling? Stick to something classic, an original with masculine notes. Spiced, wood and leather fragrances are favourites and popular among men of many ages.