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Sean Loughran

Selima Optique is a brand you may or may not be familiar with, a brand slowly but surely taking over the accessories industry. Founded by Selima Salaun in 1993, Selima Optique is now one of the most celebrated luxury eyewear brands in Europe & the United States.

Selima is the creative mind behind the brand, she is involved in everything from the original concept through to the production and eventually she brings her ideas to life in the finished product with help from her wonderful teams in New York & Paris. Born along the coast of the Mediterranean, Selima is a unique character and a blooming flower in among the thorns of the fashion industry.

She began her career with Royal Optique, one of the finest eyewear brands in the world, and her incredible ambition and love for what she was doing eventually brought her to New York City where she managed the Alain Mikli boutique. Some years later, she applied her passion and drive to her own company and the outcome was the birth of Selima Optique.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Selima at an event in New York City. The event which was hosted by famed fashion stylist, June Ambrose, took place at 'Bond 07 by Selima' in Soho. When I entered the store, I saw a woman with an unforgettable smile carrying herself so graciously as she glided around the store. This woman, it turned out, was Selima Salaun. My first meeting with the eyewear mogul was one I would never forget. As I was someone starting out in the fashion industry at that time, it touched me that Selima paid attention to me and offered me assistance wherever she could. She inspired me more that evening than she will ever know. Selima is a real woman with a real creative talent which is often lacking in this industry.

Selima X Pamela Love - Sophie

Selima X Pamela Love - Sophie

As I browsed the store, I tried on several pairs of sunglasses from Selima's collection and also a few pairs from her collaborations with June Ambrose and designer Pamela Love. Selima is well-known for her collaborations with the coolest people in the fashion and entertainment industry. Celebrities are often seen donning her shades, fans of the brand include Anne Hathaway, Lady Gaga & Ryan Gosling.

Bond 07 by Selima in New York City's chic Soho district

Bond 07 by Selima was opened in 1997 and is one of the best-kept secrets of stylish New Yorkers. At the front of the store, one can expect to find an array of luxurious vintage and contemporary clothing. Walking further into the store, reading glasses and sunglasses are merchandised and displayed in antique wooden cabinets and close to the back of the store is the most incredible range of vintage accessories. A visit to the store is inspiring and I take a trip here every time I'm in New York to try on the shades I can only dream of owning someday.

My absolute favourites - click to check them out at Selima's online store!

My absolute favourites - click to check them out at Selima's online store!

As well as the classic Selima Optique store & Bond 07, Selima is also selling at her boutique on Madison Avenue and Sucre, a clothing and accessories store celebrating a collaboration with fashionista Candace Mohr. Other stores are located in Santa Monica and Paris (see the bottom of this page for a full directory).

I saw Selima's name crop up soon after that first meeting and decided to touch base with her to see what she's been working on lately. She was excited to share the news of her recent collaboration with American basketball star, Tyson Chandler and his wife Kimberly. Chandler approached Selima to create a line of glasses for men, women and children and some time later, we saw the launch of 'Chandler by Selima'. This is an example of two different people with different talents coming together to create a beautiful partnership and collection.

Click here to shop the Selima X Chandler collection

Click here to shop the Selima X Chandler collection

Selima continues to expand, spreading her love and passion around the world. Her creativity is remarkable. She is enthusiastic, stylish and very down to earth. I asked her the secret behind her continued success and this is what she had to say...

"I will say having a vision while keeping an open mind. Meeting incredible people over the years, people from all generations, this helped me to create glasses more as a lifestyle rather than just a regular fashionable frame. I do travel a lot for business and pleasure and keep what I see as a potential creation that I will use later, when the time is right. I am a curious person and I have been fortunate enough to work in different fields such as fashion, art and sport. My collaborations with successful artists such as Hiroshi Sugimoto, museums and galleries such as MOMA Paris and Neue Gallery NYC, as well as partnerships with sports stars like Tyson Chandler and fashion designer Pamela Love, just to name a few. This makes my work always interesting to me and I get to share my vision. I am never bored and have no time to be bored. There is no secret, only work, work and more work, all the time."

Selima is an inspiration to us all and I'm already looking forward to my next meeting with her.

The Directory

Santa Monica - Selima et Benjamin

225 26th Street #24

Santa Monica CA 90402

+1 310 260 0160

Le Marais

46 Rue Vieille du Temple

75004 Paris

+33 (0) 1 48 04 38 55

Place des Vosges - Jacques et Selima

14 Rue de Birague

75004 Paris

+33 (0) 1 47 63 23 39 

To find a stockist near you, email your location to or visit the online store at 

Soho Flagship

59 Wooster Street

New York NY 10012

+1 212 343 9490 

Noho - Bond 07 by Selima

7 Bond Street

New York NY 10012

+1 212 677 8487

West Village - Sucre

357 Bleecker Street

New York NY 10014

+1 212 352 1640 

Madison Store

899 Madison Avenue

New York NY 10021

+1 212 988 6690 

Photos of Selima by Ann Ray