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A sunny arrival to Orlando Florida


A sunny arrival to Orlando Florida

Sean Loughran

It's 3am on Thursday morning and we're leaving the house for Dublin airport. I haven't slept a wink, I somehow thought it would be a better idea to catch up on work emails than to sleep and when I tried to nap my mind went into overdrive as it usually does in the middle of the night. Now I'm regretting staying awake as morning approaches and I can barely keep my eyes open.

Two cups of coffee and a bag of almonds later and I find myself buzzing with energy, practically jogging out of the house to the car. This trip seems to have come around so quickly, it feels like a meer few hours ago that I was baking in the Indian sun in Rishikesh but the thought of more sunshine, good food & relaxing on a beach is sending a jolt of excitement through my body.

Oh, I'm going on a road trip with my dad by the way. We're taking off from Dublin airport and flying to London Gatwick then onwards to Orlando where we're hiring a car and driving through Palm Beach all the way to Miami.

Obviously so high on caffeine (I've been talking non stop for the past 4 hours, apologies to my dad for having to listen to me blabbing on!) - it seems like no time at all until we're boarding our British Airways flight at Gatwick after probably the smoothest security check I've ever had in London. There was no queue, can you believe it? This is a big deal at a London airport, where usually everything takes hours.

We made our way into the departures Duty Free lounge where I stocked up on travel magazines to keep me company on the flight (my dad sleeps - he says he doesn't but I've totally heard him snoring before, sorry dad!)

After 10 minutes in Duty Free, I've already purchased half of the publications at WHSmith, my favourite facial scrub from Clinique and a ton of snacks and sushi at Prêt A Manger.  Typical of me, I say I'm travelling light then here I am struggling through the North terminal with all of my shopping and luggage while trying to carefully balance my venti soy Americano from Starbucks and check my emails at the same time. I'm a really good multitasker by the way, or so I like to think.

On board British Airways is as pleasant as always and after a Jack Daniels & Ginger Ale, I pass out while watching an episode of American Dad. I'm asleep for what seems like hours and I wake up expecting to be touching down in Florida but instead we still have another 4 hours of flying to do. Time for another drink and some light reading, I'll start with the inspirational Conde Nast Traveller, my bible. Editor Melinda Stevens has me almost falling off my seat with laughter within moments of opening the mag!

The hours on board seemed to drift by as I watched TV and indulge in afternoon tea. Well I didn't really indulge because it wasn't that amazing but still pleasant that British Airways even offer this after their main meal service and before landing.

I freshened up on board, grabbed my little backpack and made my way off the plane and onto American soil. Excitement is kicking in more and more the closer we get to leaving the airport. I'm so ready to explore!

After a lengthy process at US immigration and a long wait in the line at Starbucks (I need my coffee fix) we leave the airport and find our hire car which doesn't take long at all. We're driving to our first hotel in Orlando and I'm literally changing into a pair of shorts in the back of the car so I can jump into the pool as soon as we arrive. Black skinny jeans may look good but in the heat, my legs have swollen up to the size of two tree trunks, I'm actually peeling them off as I write this, did I tell you I'm a multitasker?

I'll love you and leave you here and update from our hotel on Universal Boulevard, The Rosen Shingle Creek Resort.

Peace out ☀️