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#Scandi: Hello Stockholm! Part 2


#Scandi: Hello Stockholm! Part 2

Sean Loughran

Continuing our Swedish adventure the following day we awoke bright and early to take the train to Stockholm Central. I think over the period of four days we managed to test out every form of public transport in Stockholm (planes, boats, cabs, buses, trains & trams - all in a days work!). We were starting to get the hang of our whereabouts and even picking up some Swedish along the way!

After sampling some delicious Hawaiian ice cream and Swedish Christmas cola (don’t ask) we headed to Moderna Museet, again stumbling in on a world class exhibition by Jeff Koons. It was incredible to see the eclectic works of modern art, in all their kitschy glory. We went for an early dinner in lively ‘Kungsgatan’, an area well known for a variety of delicious restaurants. After walking for what seemed like hours looking at different menus, we settled on ‘Broken’ a cute American style diner decked out to resemble an old train station. We both opted for honey mustard chicken which I couldn’t get enough of - the marinade was incredible!

With the night ending yet again and the snow still falling we grabbed a coffee and set out to see one of Stockholm’s most visited museums - the ‘Vasa Museet’. We hopped on a tram to get there and were guided to the banks of what seemed like a hidden part of Galärvarvsvägen. Luckily we made it just before closing and we even had the museum to ourselves. The Vasa was a 16th century way ship that sank in the quay in Stockholm’s central harbour. It was amazing to see the original ship in all its glory - reminiscent of the goonies or childhood pirate ship fantasies.

Our final day in Stockholm was spent stocking up on Swedish salted liquorice and other strange candies as well as buying a few souvenirs. I couldn’t resist buying a little horned blue and yellow hat with plaits - a traditional Swedish accessory! We took one last walk through Gamla Stan before starting the long journey home. With a final cup of yummy chai and blueberry crumble at our favourite coffee shop Espresso House, we were on route to the airport.

Although the temperature was below freezing the entire trip, we were warmed by the friendliness of the Swedish people and Stockholm had left a lasting impression on both Sean & I. The trip can be summed up by gorgeous architecture, delicious food and unusual places to visit. 

Overall we had a complete blast in Stockholm and were sad turning the key of the apartment on the last day. Our only regret was not having longer to explore and believe me, there was a lot more exploring to do! However we didn’t do too badly at getting a glimpse of Stockholm in 4 days, spending 12-14 hours per day exploring. Sweden lived up to all my expectations, a clean and welcoming atmosphere with a capital steeped in history yet modernised when it comes to shopping or eating our. Everything may seem strange at first but if you embrace the culture and jump in at the deep end you will discover a relaxed and fascinating lifestyle. Stockholm is a city that lets you breathe and I can’t wait to return!

Tills nästa gång!