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Sean Loughran

On our last evening in Miami, we had the pleasure of dining in style at Seaspice Restaurant which is one of the hottest and most exclusive restaurants in Downtown Miami. Formerly Seasalt and Pepper, Seaspice have just celebrated their one year anniversary and the restaurant remains loyal to customers that have included Beyonce & Jay-Z, Sophia Vergara and David Beckham. Situated on the banks of the Miami River, Seaspice is renowned for their sophisticated techniques and commitment to quality.

The brainchild of partners Carlos and Maryam Miranda, the power-couple have revived the old Seasalt & Pepper with a new name, while also bringing a new European-inspired menu to the table as created by talented executive chef Angel Leon, sous chefs Benjamin Goldman, Simon Stajonovic, executive pastry chef Jill Montinola and pastry chef Allan Abad.

We arrive to Seaspice at 7.30pm on Wednesday evening, our Uber driver recognises a buff security guard standing by a velvet robe and he tells that we have arrived to our destination. I look out the window and all I see is what looks like an abandoned warehouse. We walk across the road and through the understated doors into the hallway where we’re met by a hostess who checks our reservation on her iPad and walks us through the main entrance and into the restaurant. My impression changes when I see the chic modern interior, the upbeat vibe and the breathtaking view of the Miami River and downtown skyline. We’re shown to our table for two on the terrace, offered a look at the extensive wine and cocktail lists and our drink orders are taken.

The restaurant is buzzing with Miami’s elite, most of whom are congregated around the patio bar amusing themselves with a game of Veuve Cliquot Jenga. Yachts are arriving and docking up on the Miami Harbour by the restaurant and dockhands are on standby to assist the arriving passengers. The party is in full swing at Seaspice and I feel like I’ve just touched down in Saint Tropez - c’est manifique!

The menu is just as breathtaking as the view, the extensive range of seafood and steak options available are mouthwatering. I finally decide on the Shrimp Seafood Chowder followed by Lobster Risotto. My father orders the Steak Tartar and upon recommendation, Alaskan Black Cod accompanied with Truffle Mashed Potatoes.

Servers flock to the table with our drinks almost immediately, a Seaspice Mojito for me and a glass of Napa Valley Chardonnay for my father. A tasty grilled flat bread pita seasoned with parmesan cheese arrives in coordination with our appetisers. On the first taste of my Shrimp Seafood Chowder, I travel to food heaven, where it appeared I would stay throughout my dining experience at Seaspice.

The creaminess of the chowder is comforting, the shrimp which has been cooked to perfection is slightly salted and pleasing to the palate. My father doesn’t speak throughout his appetiser of Steak Tartar, in fact he doesn’t lift his head, I can tell he’s enjoying every moment of this. The Steak Tartar arrives beautifully presented on a bed of greens with a side of toasted country bread.

The aroma of fresh seafood fills my nostrils and I turn to find our entrees arriving. A sensation of coma-inducing tastes hit me as I delve into my Lobster Risotto. I’m reminded of a seafood risotto dish I enjoyed at a top Italian restaurant in Paris last year, the best I had tasted, until now. Eventually my father lifts his head and manages to string a sentence together “I wish I could taste this forever”, his head drops to the plate again as he tucks into his Alaskan Black Cod which has been cooked in a tangy sweet chilli glaze.

I look around the restaurant, we’re surrounded by the elite and glamorous groups of Miami. It’s becoming clear that Seaspice is an exclusive club, catering to a high-end glitzy clientele. As the sun sets in the distance, the lights dim and the vibe changes. Guests find their tables and settle for the evening, the Veuve Cliquot is still flowing and there's a strong scent of spiced cologne in the air. Candles are lit at each table and conversation fills the venue.

Hostesses are styled to match in navy wrap dresses and they strut around the restaurant in classy stiletto heels. Men are dressed in the latest Ralph Lauren collections, cigars are lit, conversations are sparked and connections are made. The atmosphere at Seaspice is magical, a place we all dream of. It’s more about the ambience here than the cuisine although the food has been delicious.

For our final course, I chose the Mango Cheesecake which is delicious and I’m not ashamed to say I’m having a whirlwind of a love affair with my food this evening. The cheesecake is served with a tangy sorbet and a zingy drizzle. When he’s not looking, I reach across the table to try my father’s White Chocolate Mousse which arrived in a handmade crisp honeycomb basket with a serving of warm chocolate sauce.

Portion sizes are small here but incredibly delicious, each bite is an experience. A visit to Seaspice does not come cheap but the service is impeccable, the food is creative and the views are breathtaking. With an incredible range of appetisers, entrees and accompaniments as well as a delicious range of cocktails and an extensive wine list, you’re sure to find something here to rock your boat. Reservations should be made in advance and guests have the option to dine on the terrace or at the newly launched Modern Garden where one can enjoy a more intimate setting. I hear brunch is also a treat here so I will be back to check that out when I return to Miami and news on the block is that Seaspice have hopes to open branches in Los Angeles and South America in the future!


422 NW North River Drive

Miami, Florida // +01 305 440 4200