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Sean Loughran

A fragrance in its purest form, Byredo is an unconventional success story that has captivated the beauty industry today. Byredo has the power to reduce you to tears, persuade you fall in love or to simply capture a moment. This isn’t perfumery, this is alchemy. 

Celebrating Byredo’s 9th year, we welcome an exciting collaboration with luxury eyewear designer Oliver Peoples. The luxury fragrance brand hopes this collaboration will heighten the senses by combining and exploring the relationship of scent and sight.

The packaging itself is reminiscent of antique apothecary bottles, complimented with a thick black stopper and simple typography on a while label, the chic and simple design is timeless. Besides the charming hardware, it’s what’s inside that will turn even the most sceptical into a Byredo patron.

Creative expression remains at the core of the brand’s philosophy, having already produced classic favourites such as ‘Gyspsy Water’ or ‘La Tulipe’, Byredo have now expanded into other ventures including luxury leather goods, exquisite candles and a range of original cosmetics that retail globally in stores and online.

Ben Gorham founded the brand 9 years ago upon sparking a surprising flare and love for creating luxury fragrances after a chance meeting with renowned perfumer Pierre Wulf. Ben is a former basketball player who was educated in New York and went on to study at The School of Art in Stockholm. After showing a promising talent for creating raw and evocative fragrances, he was introduced to two of the most distinguished names in the industry, Jérome Epineete and Olivia Giacobetti.

Byredo is short for ‘By Redolent’ meaning strongly reminiscent which sums up what the brand has strived for ever since the initial launch in Stockholm in 2006.

The fragrances are inspired by life experiences such as a nostalgic memory or an association with a specific time or place. In 2008 the brand released a capsule range inspired by Gorham’s own experiences, each scent bearing a distinctive connection to a memory. We saw the launch of ‘Seven Veils’ which was inspired by a biblical story of Salome that Ben had heard as a child and ‘Encens Chembur’, inspired by his mother’s Indian heritage. The Byredo range continues to grow and the latest collaboration unites fragrance, art and fashion into a unique sensory experience.

With simplicity and craftsmanship at its base, Los Angeles eyewear designer Oliver Peoples has joined forces with Byredo to produce 3 understated fragrances. The two artistic creators hope to bring a unique and innovative way of both viewing and smelling, creating what’s known as ‘synaesthesia’, a uniting of the senses.

Byredo and Oliver Peoples are compatible when it comes to brand identity, both with a strong focus on purity and quality. This collaboration will see the brands take on a unique new venture unheard of before.

Inspired by Swedish minimalism, Byredo remains pure and simple. We are offered a fragrance in its rawest form without pretension and we possess the power to unlock our own senses. Both Byredo and Oliver peoples have become synonymous with affluent tastemakers worldwide, yet remain committed to the quality and expertise of their niche beginnings.

The Oliver Peoples and Byredo fragrance will be available Summer 2015 at Byredo retailers and The limited edition Oliver Peoples and Byredo sunglasses and box set will be available Summer 2015 at Selfridges and 

Price: £315 (Frames), £400 (Box Set) £105 (Fragrance)