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Behind the lens with Christian Geisselmann


Behind the lens with Christian Geisselmann

Sean Loughran

Over the Weekend, we sat down with Fashion and Portrait photographer Christian Geisselmann and are excited to share his exclusive interview for Gas & Gander.

The German born photographer and singer has been living in Paris for the past 15 years and is well known for combining the raw passion of music with fashion photography creating an art form beaming with energy. He has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion including: Vogue Germany, Glamour, GQ, Cosmopolitan to name but a few.

He cites one of his biggest inspirations as New York City, a city kept alive by underground creatives- he continues to work there via Paris.

A life-long rock ‘n’ roll fan, Christian’s photos showcase a unique viewpoint. Instead of making someone look creative- he photographs creativity. This is a rare vision, one that shows more truth than pretention through his images.

He is the go-to photographer for musicians and high profile celebrities. The likes of Micheal Bubblé, Amanda Lear and Catherine Zeta-Jones are notable clients.

Here at Gas & Gander we wanted to get inside his head and see what really makes him tick or should I say click...

Tell me about your upbringing and how photography has influenced your life
I grew up surrounded by cameras and the iconic super 8 film cameras, my dad was always using them so I played around with them constantly then I discovered a Peter Lindbergh photography book and my passion started from there.

I know you are mostly recognised for your fashion photography, have you experimented with other kinds of photography?
I actually come from portrait photography, which i always try to insert in my fashion photography, meaning I try to capture real feelings, emotions or moments of the person I’m working with. A huge passion of mine is architecture as well, I love shooting architectural pictures and I actually have a book in progress at the moment.

What inspires you most?
One of the biggest inspirations on shoots is music and the fact that how the person you're shooting can feel it with you, to the point where both of us get driven by it and nearly end up in some kind of stage-play together.

What's the best thing about living and working in Paris?
Well, Paris is definitely in one of the capitals of the industry and I’m living in the heart of it so what’s better than that?

Most exciting/highest point of your career to date?
I wouldn't want to mention anything in particular, because my job is my passion, so every time we start again it is just as exciting as the previous time.

What are your plans for the future?
I plan to spend more time between New York and Paris, and I’m currently preparing for New York to become my new base, everything is already set and things flow very well in NYC, so I'm happy and looking forward to that.

As a successful musician, has this influenced your photography in anyway?
The question joins my answer from before, music is one of my main inspirations, you might even call it my engine!

Are there any brands you prefer to work with?
Good question Sean, I'll save that one until later, going to have to be diplomatic on that one ;-)

What's your favourite city and why?
New York, it’s just constant inspiration and energy there and by keeping a certain coolness you could always go on, it's up to you to stop it and very important to not get carried away over there. But if you can deal with that, all the doors are open and waiting!

Last but not least, who would you most like to work with?
I know you want me to drop a name here, but i won’t, I like most to work with people who work well with other people and I always maintain a good atmosphere on my shoots, that is for me a key to create fantastic results and it’s important to have a great time doing what you're doing, any bitching and bull-shiting is forbidden on set!

For more information on Christian or to request his portfolio, get in touch with Carine Derwa (

All photographs by Christian Geisselmann, styling by Catherine Hebert

Intro by Scott Wilson

Interview by Sean Loughran