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One boy, one passport, one million dreams. Gas & Gander is a blog capturing the essence of the brands and companies I love, the cities and cultures I embrace, the food and drinks I enjoy and most of all, the travel I experience. Most of all Gas & Gander is a super fun & informative guide with an abundance of information. Come and join me on my adventures at Gas & Gander. Currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia. 




Sean Loughran

It all starts out with the wonderful idea of a relaxing vacation, a week-long trip to the Bahamas, or maybe even a weekend at the spa. We all dream about and plan our vacations many months before they actually happen. As the days fly by, the excitement builds, and then before we know it we are days, or maybe hours, away from paradise. 

A lot of the time my trips are unplanned, despite me being so organized in day to day life, I usually encounter a few issues when heading away on a trip or returning. This could be anything from a missed flight, a calm yet firm discussion with the check-in lady - I appreciate what you do, but please please for the love of God, let me board this flight, even though I'm one hour past the designated check in time. There are other times when I arrive to the airport hours before a flight, mostly to enjoy the feeling of sitting by the gate with an Americano, watching the world move at such a fast pace. I often wonder where each traveller in the airport is flying to at that precise moment. An airport is one of the most exciting, yet daunting and stressful, places on earth.

Departing LAX last month

Earlier in the day, before I arrive to the airport, I usually have a last minute frantic packing session, like most travelers, I've left everything to the last minute. A long ride to the airport, followed by check-in, everything is moving swiftly at this point, until I arrive to airport security, only to have to take of my shoes, watch, belt - everything actually. I'm left feeling bare, and vulnerable, as I walk through the detector. 

The real travel essentials

All going well, there's no delay, and I hop on board a lengthly transatlantic flight. In flight entertainment is a dream from true, thank you British Airways, you usually offer the best. Arriving is a whole other stress, anxiety builds as you wait in a 3 hour line for immigration. It's then time to await your baggage, did everything arrive? Or did one of your bags accidentally board a flight to Bora Bora? After battling the arrivals crowds for a cab to your final destination, and swimming through rush hour traffic, you FINALLY arrive to paradise. By this point, my head is usually jolting into my lap with exhaustion. You too? Well you're not alone. 

Jet lag is something I've been dealing with for many years. In the past year alone I've been in 10 different time zones, and although it's a struggle I've got to say, I've never been happier. The joys of being in an airport, people watching. That adrenaline rush I get as the plane takes off, the feeling I get as we depart the runway in one continent and arrive in another. I'm a travel junkie, you could say I'm addicted. I was born to fly.

Up, up, up in the air...

I was not, however, born to fight jet lag a couple of times a month, so I've decided to share my top tips to combatting jet lag. I'm finally settling into the time zone here in Toronto.


I can't stress it enough, the importance of hydrating throughout your entire trip. If you're like me and enjoy quite a few coffees on board then you'll need to pay extra attention to drinking water. My secret is coconut water, it's great source of electrolytes and vitamins. I usually opt for a big bottle of Vita Coco which I'll gulp down throughout the flight.

Photo credit: @vitacoco Instagram


Next up, moisturize. I indulge my body every few hours with the Kiehl's Créme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter. Another amazing product from the Kiehl's brand, this is my go to body moisturizer. Unfortunately I can't bring my big tub on board with my so I'll usually wait until I arrive then douse myself in this. The reaction is usually something along the lines of "Oh my god, what are you wearing? It smells amazing."

Available from Kiehl's stores around the world, from $48


If it's possible for you, try to sleep throughout the flight. Seat selection is available on many airlines now, and it's something I sincerely recommend. I usually like either a window seat, or a centre aisle seat, anything that doesn't require me to stand up and let someone else out throughout the flight. I remember a particular flight, I was hopping up and down every 30 minutes for someone. That changed my opinion on seat selection. If you're flying business or first, then even better. Try to get some shut eye on board. 


Once you touch down at your destination, try to keep your eyes open. Dump off your luggage at the hotel, take a shower to freshen up, and head out on the town. I'm an adventurer, I love to explore. As much as you may be tempted to get in under the Egyptian cotton sheets at your hotel, don't do it. This is your vacation, it's time to see some of the world! 

My view at the Aalia Resort in the Himalayas, Northern India